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  • Red String Bracelet with Star of David Pendant
    Red String Bracelet with Star of David Pendant

Red String Bracelet with Star of David Pendant

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This evocative Red string bracelet is made more interesting with a lovely Silver Star of David. The crimson string which has been popularized by many kabala schools the world over it is the very best known talisman of the Jewish mystical tradition.

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This crimson Bracelet of fine cord is considered by people to be a charm that can protect from the evil of selfishness and covetousness. As it reminds us of our mother Rachel's special attributes. Leading us to follow her example and be concerned for your less fortunate neighbor, and so on: in summation,  to care for those less fortunate Ima Rahel was certainly a paragon of giving to people in need is an example to us today. On the cord is a beautiful silver star or shield of David. This symbol is very popular in Jewish art and craft. This six pointed star is associated with wisdom and royalty since biblical times. This evocative symbol of Judaism is a popular pendant theme. You can also find them incorporated as design elements in a wide variety of Jewish Jewelry and objects of art and ritual like torah covers and candelabra. 

  • Size (cm): Pendant 1.8
  • Size (Inch): Pendant 0.7