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  • Silver Frame with Opal Star of David Necklace
    Silver Frame with Opal Star of David Necklace

Silver Frame with Opal Star of David Necklace

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This unique design fuses a straightforward and bold silver frame, but also includes another inner layer in the form of a beautiful opal Jewish Star of David.  Together, it forms a perfectly balanced and particularly attractive item of Jewish jewelry.

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For those that are looking to proudly display their Jewish heritage, this is the Star of David pendant for you.  The Star of David has been intrinsically linked to the Jewish people for centuries and is the most obvious symbol of a proud history.  Throughout the ages, the Jewish people have worn or displayed the Star of David for better and for worse.  This unique design allows you to carry that heritage with you all the time with a striking item of Jewish jewelry
This pendant is a beautiful fusion of a thick solid silver sterling frame, with an eye-catching opal blue and green core.  The silver beautifully compliments the opal to produce a bold and impressive finish.  Measuring 17.1mm x 20.5mm, it is just the right size as to be striking without coming across as overbearing.  All in all, it is a brilliant accessory to any outfit, regardless of whether it is a special occasion or not.  It is the perfect gift for anyone looking for an eye-catching yet meaningful item of Israeli jewelry to add to their collection.  With the perfect combination of silver and opal, this is a Star of David pendant that is set to impress.   
  • Size (cm): 17.1mm x 20.5mm
  • Size (Inch): 0.73 x 0.8 inch