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  • Silver Star of David with Jerusalem walls
    Silver Star of David with Jerusalem walls

Silver Star of David with Jerusalem walls

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This is one of the most unique items of Jewish jewelry offered.  It is a necklace that incorporates into the silver Star of David a design reminiscent of the walls of Jerusalem. This evocative, contemporary design is great for young and old.
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If you've been searching all over for a unique Israeli jewelry item, this is a special find. Not only is the design eye catching, but it incorporates several emotive and evocative symbols to create a most outstanding historically inspired necklace.  
The pendant itself is a recognizable heavy sterling silver Star of David form. It is thick with a construction feel to it. The Star of David is the most iconic symbol of Israel, as well as of the Jewish faith. This contemporary design also incorporates a segment of Old City, Jerusalem wall as an added design element. The rugged star has an edgy quality to it without sacrificing elegance or tradition.  This necklace makes a strong statement of faith in Jerusalem as the eternal city of David which is holy and evocative to Jews and Christians, alike. This necklace is a wonderful gift for anyone who holds Jerusalem dear.  No Star of David necklace is more attractive and emotive.   
  • Size (cm): Pendant: 1.5
  • Size (Inch): Pendant: 0.6