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  • Silver Star of David Necklace with Gold Hamsa
    Silver Star of David Necklace with Gold Hamsa

Silver Star of David Necklace with Gold Hamsa

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This is a really clever Star of David pendant design.  There’s no need to choose between a necklace which expresses love and an item which represents pride in the Jewish people with this Star of David pendant fashioned from hearts.

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Some people prefer jewelry which expresses pure love.  Others prefer a piece which displays their pride in being Jewish.  Here is the Star of David necklace which combines them both. 

Not only is it a clever combination of several symbols, but is it also a truly beautiful item of Jewish jewelry.  The rough outline of a traditional Jewish Star of David is formed from six heart-shaped points of the star, each one made from either an attractive sky blue opal or sterling silver. With opal and silver forming alternate points to the star, this is a Star of David pendant which will turn heads for all the right reasons.

However, it is topped off by yet another outstanding feature, in the form of a 9k gold hamsa at the center of the star.  As if the Star of David and the heart-shaped points to the star were not symbolic enough, the traditional hamsa adds another layer of meaning.  The hamsa is a hand-shaped symbol, which in Middle Eastern tradition is thought to ward off evil spirits.  So, not only is this a beautifully crafted item, but it is also a highly symbolic and potentially lucky item of Israeli jewelry.

  • Size (cm): 17 x 28
  • Size (Inch): 6.7 x 11