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  • A Special Star of David Necklace to Treasure
    A Special Star of David Necklace to Treasure

A Special Star of David Necklace to Treasure

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If you’re looking for a unique design that catches the eye for all the right reasons, then look no further than this Star of David necklace.  A beautiful combination of silver and opal, it will ensure that you stand out.

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With a design that gives a new edge to a classic symbol, this Star of David necklace is bound to catch the eye.  It features a softening of the edges of the classic Jewish Star of David motif, resulting in an attractive and distinctly feminine production.  While the Star of David necklace has become a signature item of Jewish jewelry, this is a wonderful combination of a rounded quality sterling silver triangle intertwined with a similarly shaped blue opal triangle.  The result is an image of a carefully woven and visually striking Star of David.  Measuring 18.00mm x 31.3mm, it ensures that you will be noticed for all the right reasons.
The Star of David has been a symbol of Jewish peoplehood for many centuries.  However, in its’ stark and rigid form, it has historically been used to negatively single out the Jewish people.  This unique design, with those rigid edges smoothed out into a welcoming curved shape, indicates greater hope, producing a more homely and warm image.  All in all, you can rest assured that this special design will enable you to stand out from the crowd while retaining the deep symbolism of a classic piece of Jewish jewelry.        
  • Size (cm): 18 mm x 31.3 mm
  • Size (Inch): 0.7 x 1.2 inch