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  • Stained Glass Design Star of David Necklace Silver & Opal
    Stained Glass Design Star of David Necklace Silver & Opal

Stained Glass Design Star of David Necklace Silver & Opal

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Purchase this beautifully designed silver Star of David pendant and evoke the image of an authentic stain glassed window design.  It is a fascinating piece which is bound to catch the eye and make a wonderful addition to your collection. 
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You cannot help but fix your gaze on this opal Star of David pendant.  It is a wonderfully evocative piece.  Whether you are interested in the fragments that comprise the design, or whether it suggests the image of a homely synagogue, this pendant is a fascinating piece of Israeli jewelry. Made from colorful opal stain glass style shards, it is a pendant made with truly eye-catching opal materials.  At first glance, you will notice the overall shape of the silver Jewish star of David.  However, on closer inspection, you will be struck by the individually colored fragments which combine to give this pendant a unique feel.  At 4.2mm x 25.4mm in size, it is not the largest of items, but the exceptional design is more than enough to make it stand out.  

The Star of David symbol is evocative.  It conjures up the image of an ancient people, symbolizing deep identification with the Jewish nation and for centuries, it has been used to identify them for better and for worse.  As such, it has become a central motif for Jewish jewelry.  However, this particular pendant suggests something more. Its’ colorful fragments add another, almost mysterious dimension to an already beautiful design. 
  • Size (cm): 4.2mm x 25.4mm
  • Size (Inch): 0.17 x 1 Inch