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  • Star of David Necklace with Blue Opal
    Star of David Necklace with Blue Opal

Star of David Necklace with Blue Opal

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A refined and elegant design, this Super Star of David pendant will take your breath away. This traditional star condition is beautifully enhanced using a quality natural opal Cab, producing a classy item of jewelry. 

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If you’re looking for a powerful and yet subtle object of Jewish jewelry, then look no more - this excellent Star of David necklace is for you! It combines a meaningful symbol with a delicate layout, while also combining two amazing materials - silver and opal. The result can be an excellent jewelry treat.
The entire shape of the pendant is really a traditional Jewish Star of David. the opal is framed simply by solid sterling silver, while it is filled with beautiful bright and light azure "fire", creating an instant desirable quality.  The pendent measures over1.5 cm to produce a bold and striking item, a tribute to famed Israeli jewelry talent Meir Avni.
It can be of course a pendant that is certainly highly meaningful to those who choose to wear this. The Star associated with David has been used to identify your Jewish individuals for many hundreds of years. This pendant is therefore both a stylish and evocative accessory for any Jewish jewelry series.


  • Size (cm): Pendant: 2 x 1.7
  • Size (Inch): Pendant: 0.78 x 0.7