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  • The Star of David Necklace with an Edge, Silver & Opal
    The Star of David Necklace with an Edge, Silver & Opal

The Star of David Necklace with an Edge, Silver & Opal

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 This is a Star of David necklace that is bound to catch the eye.  The silver and opal materials overlap beautifully to create a stunning design effect.  Topped off with glimmering zirconia, it is a truly one-off item of jewelry. 
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This stunning Star of David necklace is a real one-off item.  It is a beautifully crafted piece of Jewish jewelry, which will not only catch the eye but will also be a deeply meaningful item.  The rounded edges of this Jewish Star of David give it a soft feel from the very first glance.  One triangular half of the star is made from a sleek blue and green opal.  It has been cleverly interwoven with the second triangular half, fashioned out of stunning sterling silver, which is beautifully topped off with white cubic zirconia to give it a shiny effect.  Together, the combination makes for a truly outstanding finish to a truly stunning Star of David necklace.  Measuring 18.7mm x 31.1mm, it is not the largest necklace, but it doesn’t need to be given its’ visual beauty.
This necklace is however also a deeply symbolic item of Jewish jewelry.  The Star of David has for centuries been the most recognizable Jewish symbol, intrinsically linked with the history and heritage of the Jewish people.  You cannot help but feel that the intertwined nature of the design somehow reflects the deeply personal attachment that will be felt towards whoever wears this necklace.   
  • Size (cm): 18.7mm x 31.1mm
  • Size (Inch): 0.73 x 1.22 inch