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  • A Star of David Necklace for all Ages, Silver & Opal
    A Star of David Necklace for all Ages, Silver & Opal

A Star of David Necklace for all Ages, Silver & Opal

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A beautiful and yet versatile design, this is a Star of David pendant for all occasions.  Fusing a wonderful blend of silver and opal, this special and symbolic pendant will make an excellent and attractive addition to your jewelry collection.

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MSRP: $43.95
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Utilizing a traditional design, this this Star of David necklace has developed a conventional theme to produce a truly outstanding item of Jewish jewelry.  The Jewish Star of David is quite possibly the oldest and certainly the most widely recognized Jewish symbol in existence.  It has been used to decorate and display Jewish identity for centuries.  Yet, rather than just settle for a traditional design, this pendant adds a sophisticated and modern feel to the piece.  Fashioned out of a solid sterling silver frame, the star itself is a traditional shape.  However, it has cleverly interwoven the two triangular halves of the star, with the background half overshadowed by a foreground triangle.  This is forged out of exquisite blue and green opal, to create a quite eye-catching effect.  Measuring 13.1mm x 23.7mm, this pendant is just the right size to attract attention for all the right reasons.

Given that it utilizes the Jewish Star of David motif, this pendant is a wonderfully symbolic item of jewelry, representing an ancient heritage with a modern twist to it.  However, it’s also a beautiful necklace in its own right, combining silver and opal to produce an outstanding and attractive finish in a classic design.  

  • Size (cm): 13.1mm x 23.7mm
  • Size (Inch): 0.5 x 0.93 inch