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  • Star of David Necklace with a Twist, Silver & Opal
    Star of David Necklace with a Twist, Silver & Opal

Star of David Necklace with a Twist, Silver & Opal

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If you’re looking for a funky variation on the traditional Star of David necklace, then check out this unique creation.  Combining the beauty of opal and silver with an asymmetrical frame, this item of Jewish jewelry is bound to impress.

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There is no reason why a Star of David necklace has to be boring.  Some consider it too old-fashioned for today’s style.  This is the opportunity to purchase an outstanding item, which is very much a modern take on a traditional design.  You will immediately be struck by the unique shape to this necklace, as it boasts a very playful style, taking the edge of what would otherwise be a more traditional design.
Nonetheless, despite its original shape, this necklace retains all the sophistication that you would expect.  Framed with solid sterling silver, each point of the Jewish Star of David is filled with an outstanding blue and green opal. Offset by the silver, it combines to form a unique end product.  Measuring 13.00mm x 29.00mm, this is a subtle Star of David necklace in both size as well as design.  
Of course, the unusual shape does not detract from the fact that this is a meaningful piece of Jewish jewelry.  Based around the symbol of the Star of David, so closely associated with the Jewish people for centuries, it is a necklace which reflects both meaning and style.  It’s a unique item which is sure to catch the eye.
  • Size (cm): 13.00mm x 29.00mm
  • Size (Inch): 0.56 x 1.1 inch