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  • A Two-Tone Star of David Necklace, Silver & Opal
    A Two-Tone Star of David Necklace, Silver & Opal

A Two-Tone Star of David Necklace, Silver & Opal

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This beautifully woven Star of David necklace will be a wonderful addition to any Jewish jewelry collection.  A lovely combination of silver and opal in a traditional shape, this is an attractive overlapping design, which will make a real impact.

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This Star of David necklace strikes a perfect combination.  On the one hand, it is a powerfully symbolic design, but on the other it is also a truly elegant item of Jewish jewelry.  Rather than retain the rigid frame of many Jewish Star of David designs, this unique necklace has a soft feel to it, with the two triangular halves of the design purposely interwoven.  One triangular half is fashioned out of solid sterling silver, while the other is forged from a subtle but attractive blue and green opal.  Together, they form a beautifully multi-layered pendant.  Measuring 17.5mm x 30.2 mm, this is a piece of jewelry that will undoubtedly wear stylishly.  
The interwoven effect of the design also enhances the symbolism of the necklace.  The Star of David is of course synonymous with the Jewish people, their history and heritage and so this necklace is an extremely meaningful item.  The fact that the design binds one half of the star with the next is also emblematic of the deeply personal nature of this necklace.  Of course, it is additionally a stunning piece of jewelry in its own right, fusing the perfect blend of color and elegance in a delightful finish. 
  • Size (cm): 17.5 mm x 30.2 mm
  • Size (Inch): 0.7 x 1.2 inch