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  • Kabbalah Pendant Lights of the Universe - The Artist
    Kabbalah Pendant Lights of the Universe - The Artist
  • Kabbalah Pendant Lights of the Universe - The Artist
    Kabbalah Pendant Lights of the Universe - The Artist

Kabbalah Pendant Lights of the Universe - The Artist

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Creates high sensitivity for forms, colors and human behavior. Develops ability to feel human beings and to receive energy from nature and people. Helps to enhance the ability of reach and exact expression in various ways.

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This necklace named Lights of the Universe- the Artist is one of a series of eight pieces, which are based on formations of crop circles that were found around the world.

This low-hanging piece of Jewish jewelry is made up of three circles of various sizes and the lowest point is comprised of two half circles, one inside the other, with three blue stones hanging down to look like stars. The whole is made of silver which is believed by Kabalists the perfect metal to enhance powers. Inside the lowest circle is another round piece of silver with a Kabalistic symbol on it, along with the top circle which shows a different symbol of Kabalistic meaning. As such, all along the top half moon is a row of four such symbols. The shape is based on a crop circle found in England in 1999, and is believed to create high sensitivity for forms, color and human behavior. It’s also believed to help develop abilities to feel human beings and to receive energy from people and nature.

The symbols seen on various parts of this Kabala Jewelry is termed the angelic writing (The writing of Malachim), which is supposedly derived from the constellations of the stars. It is found in most writings of early Kabala (also spelled Kaballah or Kabbala) scholars.

Enhancing crop circles’ power is the belief that they have otherworldly traits, particularly the fact that people tend to believe they’re made by UFOs. The Israeli artist responsible for this line of Judaica Jewelry took that belief and added Kabbalistic meaning to the form of the supernatural occurrence. Kabala (commonly misspelled Cabala or Caballa) is the source and study of Jewish mysticism, including the powers of the earth and everything on it. The artist’s imagery and beliefs derived from his understanding of Kabala learning aided his designing this unique and gorgeous necklace.

Size of Pendant: 8 x 2 cm [3.1 x 0.8 inch].Comes with 50 cm chain [approx 20 inch]


About Kabbalah Jewelry

Kabbalah jewelry and amulets are known for their abilities to bring protection, success, good luck, security, wealth, and health to their wearers. Each piece has its own unique mystical powers and special meaning, allowing you to select the one that best meets the needs of the wearer.

Kabbalah jewelry and amulets make excellent gifts for friends and family. When selecting the Kabbalah symbol that addresses the unique needs of a friend or loved, you are showing them that you really care about their well being with this thoughtful gift.

The literal translation of the term Kabbalah is 'receiving.' This refers to receiving the hidden mystical truths behind Jewish thinking and Jewish traditions.According to Kabbalistic tradition, knowledge of Kabbalah was transmitted orally by the Patriarchs and sages. Initially Kabbalah was widely studied by pious Jews who wished to understand the mystical aspects of the connection between man and G-d. Eventually the sages feared that the secrets of Jewish mysticism may fall into the wrong hands during foreign conquests or may be misinterpreted by unknowledgeable students. It was therefore decided to reserve the study of Kabbalah to pious and knowledgeable students over the age of 40.

This has been the case for over 2000 years until recently when a renewed interest suddenly appeared. Now Kabbalah is being studied by many people all over the world including famous celebrities. Jewish mysticism has begun to attract the attention of the masses as they search for hidden wisdom and meaning in turbulent times. With these unique jewelry designs, we provide the opportunity to connect with the ancient powers of Jewish mysticism.