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Kabbalah Sterling silver Western Wall amulet, Jerusalem jewelry

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Allow your prayers to soar with this Sterling Silver Kabbalah amulet of the Western Wall (Kotel) and help keep the divine being close to your heart.

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In the days when the Holy Temple in Jerusalem was standing, the most important prayers were said there by the Jewish people. Even after it was destroyed, the Jewish people believe that its location on mount Moriah is the best site for saying your prayers and sending them up to heaven to be received there.

Nowadays, all that is left of that Temple is the Western Wall of Jerusalem - the Kotel. This wall is built of huge stones, some over 40 foot in length, which are dated to the Roman period, when King Herod rebuilt the Temple in Jerusalem on mount Moriah


Throughout the ages the Jewish people have tried to reach it and say their prayers there.  When you touch the warm stones, you can almost feel the heart of the Jewish people beating under your fingers. It has become a tradition to write a little note and leave it in the cracks between the stones to facilitate your prayer being received.


The amulet is a perfect circle in silver. It is surrounded by smooth, bright silver circle. Inside that circle it depicts a picture of two old Jewish men in old European traditional garb saying their prayers, standing right next to the ancient weathered stones of the Western Wall. Below you can find the words 'Kotel Ma'aravi' in Hebrew - literally - the Western wall. It is hung with a hook in the same texture and width as the surrounding circle. It comes with its own Sterling silver link chain.


This amulet by Ma'ase B'Omanut Jewelers has a diameter of 1 inch (25mm). For many years it was not possible to say one's prayers at the Western Wall, but now it is again possible to do so. However, no one can be there every day, all the time. This amulet can help the wearer focus their prayers to this wonderful location which is believed to have a closer channel to heaven.