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  • Ben Porat Yosef  Pendant
    Ben Porat Yosef  Pendant

Ben Porat Yosef & ALD Pendant On Red Cotton String

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Gold plated double Crochet “Ben Porat Yosef” & ALD Pendant on a red cotton string with waxed Legend – made by Israeli Jewelry designer Mizze. The string is available in two sizes: standard women Size 16.5″ or standard Men size 19″.

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A unique Ben Porat Yosef pendant for protection against evil eye. The origin of the blessing is in the Book of Genesis chapter 49 - Parashat Vayechi. Jacob on his death bed gathers his 12 sons and dedicates a blessing to each and every one of them.

When Joseph’s turn comes, Jacob tells him the following: “Ben porat yosef ben porat alei ai’n bnot tzaada alei shur”  - he basically praises him as a handsome man that his charms will advance him with girls…but he also suggests that he will be protected from envy of others. In this way this phrase is associated with protection from evil eye and blessing of abundance.