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  • Ma'ase B'Omanut Sterling Silver Kabbalah Amulet for finding/keeping a mate
    Ma'ase B'Omanut Sterling Silver Kabbalah Amulet for finding/keeping a mate

Ma'ase B'Omanut Sterling Silver Kabbalah Amulet for finding/keeping a mate


This round Sterling silver Kabbalah amulet is This Ma'ase Omanut Sterling Silver Kabbalah amulet is designed to help with finding or keeping your mate This pomegranate shaped Sterling silver Kabbalah amulet with a verse from the songs of songs should help you to find or keep your mate.

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The pomegranate has long been considered a perfect fruit, so beautiful that it could vie with some of the most beautiful people in the world. The artists of Ma'ase B'Omanut Jewelers have created a two sided pomegranate amulet using relief and etching in a mirror image: On the right side, the surface is micro hammered to create a darker silver surface, and the Hebrew lettering is in smooth silver. On the left, the surface is of smooth shiny silver, and the Hebrew lettering is etched into it.

To make sure that the pomegranate stays put on its Sterling silver necklace, the sterling silver link is securely attached to the crown of the fruit. The link itself shows a scrolled design in smooth shiny silver on the same micro hammered dark silver surface as the right side of the pomegranate.

The Hebrew phrase 'Ani Ledodi Ve'Dodi Li (Literally -  I am to my beloved and my beloved is to me) originates in the Song of Songs in the Holy bible, and is split between the two sides. The two opposite methods of working the silver complement each other to create a complete whole. So do we all with to find our beloved and stay together. Even when we seem opposite to each other, we all hope to create one complete unity. This phrase has also been used to proclaim the love and connection to the creator – a love that transcends human, earthly love, during the period when the summer ends and fall promises new beginnings. If we recognize the opportunity then we can get closer to the creator and seize the opportunity for growth and improvement.

This amulet by Jewish Tale Jewelers measures.86 inch x 1 inch (22 mm x 25 mm).+Kabbalah Jewelry and amulets make excellent gifts for friends and family. This thoughtful gift shows that you recognize their needs and well being. Kabbalah literally means 'receiving': The recipient will be happy to receive this gift, and then you should be ready to receive heartfelt thanks.