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  • Oval Shaped Silver Earrings Painted With Enamel, Idit Jewelry
    Oval Shaped Silver Earrings Painted With Enamel, Idit Jewelry

Oval Shaped Silver Earrings Painted With Enamel, Idit Jewelry

No Longer Available

This beautiful piece of Israeli jewelry forms the Hebrew letter “Gimel”, making an eye-catching design and uniquely israeli and jewish. Silver enamel jewelry is original in its own right, making this gorgeous piece of silver jewelry both a crowd pleaser and pleasantly personal.

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MSRP: $74.95
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Silver enamel jewelry is fast becoming a hot commodity on the market, and these stunning earrings are a testament to that fact. Uniquely designed, this piece of enamel jewelry is a rarity and one of a kind, designed by Idit Jewelry.


Set in an oval shape, there are silver etchings inside forming the shape of the Hebrew letter “gimel”. Gimel represents the number three, which represents the founding forefathers of the Jewish nation, as well as the three pillars which the world stands upon, according to Pirkei Avot (the Ethics of our fathers). The three pillars are the Torah [Jewish Bible], the service of G-d and on acts of loving kindness. The blue green enamel paint fills out the spaces between the etches, giving the earrings poise and grace not easily achieved. The sea blue quality of the color blends beautifully with the green, changing colors so smoothly.


Measuring 2.5cm x 1.3 cm (1"x1/2"), the earrings are a perfect dangling length, catching the sun with movement, making them a dazzling and fascinating sight. Israeli jewelry is known to be of high quality and this exceptional piece of silver jewelry puts an emphasis on the creativity and imagination Idit Jewelry puts into the designs of their work. This pair of gorgeous silver jewelry earrings are a great gift for any occasion, be it birthday, anniversary, or just to say “I love you”. They are a welcome addition to any jewelry box and sure to thrill the lucky recipient.