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  • Oxidized Silver Earring featuring Solid Gold Accent, Idit Jewelry
    Oxidized Silver Earring featuring Solid Gold Accent, Idit Jewelry

Oxidized Silver Earring featuring Solid Gold Accent, Idit Jewelry

No Longer Available

Made of oxidized silver, these earrings are of an original design and extremely special. Set in the top center is a piece of solid gold, contrasting the silver nicely. Carefully crafted, this unique piece of Israeli jewelry is beautifully arranged to resemble water flowing. Perfect as a gift to a loved one, this distinctive pair of silver jewelry earrings is a sure winner.

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MSRP: $104.95
Sale price: $69.95

How often do you see original pieces of jewelry? When was the last time you found a truly unique piece? If your goal is to find a beautiful, never before seen piece to give to the one you love, you’ve come to the right place!


Oxidized silver is quickly becoming the newest trend in the jewelry market, as more and more jewelers use this original technique to give their jewelry that special quality. After the oxidation process, the silver takes on a slightly blackish hue, and in the light reflects different colors, such as red, blue and gray. As seen in this pair, the silver is slightly less shiny, yet that accentuates the different designs carved into the upper part.


Shaped as a rectangle, the upper half of the earrings have a solid gold rectangle inside the silver, while the oxidized edges have lines perpendicular to the sides of the gold, and an untreated silver bead lies in each corner. The lower half resembles water flowing, creating in intricate design made from untreated silver. It can also be described as branches hanging down. However you want to look at it, the Israeli artist did an incredible job making both earrings identical, no easy feat with this design.


Measuring 4.5cm x 1.8cm (1"8/10" x 7/10"), these gorgeous earrings are a sight to behold, and a delightful gift. Idit Jewelry is a high quality designer, and this stunning pair of earring do not disappoint. No matter the occasion, these earrings are a welcome addition to any jewelry box, and perfect as a present to a loved one.