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  • Kabbalah 5 Metals, Star of David Ring
    Kabbalah 5 Metals, Star of David Ring

Kabbalah Five Metals, Star of David Ring

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A unique Star of David sterling silver ring made with five metals (gold, silver, copper, tin and lead) to give protection and good luck.

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MSRP: $104.50
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This beautiful five metal sterling silver ring with the Star of David on the top, is a ring with special Kabalistic meaning. Below the Star of David is pure gold and below that are layers of lead, tin and copper corresponding to the five metals in Kabbalah. Many years ago when rings were designed and encrypted with special meaning, they were given to people depending on the luck they needed at the time. According to ancient text it is written that on the first day of the month, when Jupiter rules the moon, the ring must be created using five metals in order to see miracles. This Star of David ring is for protection and good luck and will bring positive energy into the life of the person wearing the ring.

  • Size (cm): Width: 0.8
  • Size (Inch): Width: 0.3