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  • Classic Roman Glass Pendent with Silver Frame
    Classic Roman Glass Pendent with Silver Frame

Classic Roman Glass Pendent with Silver Frame

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This subtle design is offset by the unmistakable historical significance of this pendant.  This outstanding item of Jewish jewelry is sure to add both beauty and meaning to your collection. 

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Not only will this Israeli pendant make for an elegant addition to any item of clothing, but it will also provide a meaningful reminder of an important era in history.  At the center of this design is a large piece of Roman glass.  Dating back 2,000 years, this item was found in Israel, which was once part of the sprawling Roman Empire.  Among their technological advances, the Romans were responsible for the mass production of glass for both storage and decorative purposes, thanks to the discovery of new techniques such as glass blowing. This piece of Roman glass jewelry is testament to these important developments.


Beyond its historic significance, this pendant is also beautifully and intricately designed.  The Roman glass is delicately framed by a sterling silver design which weaves its way around the central piece.  Held together by a plain, but solid silver clasp, this pendant is a unique item

  • Size (cm): 38.63x13.88 mm.,BAG 17.95x9.69 mm
  • Size (Inch): 1.5 x 0.55 inch