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  • Intricate Silver and Roman Glass Pendant
    Intricate Silver and Roman Glass Pendant

Intricate Silver and Roman Glass Pendant

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A beautiful combination of sterling silver and Roman glass, this stunning pendant enhances any item of clothing.  Just pin on the clasp and watch it add elegance to your outfit.

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This is a fantastic item of Israeli jewelry with a story. The round slice of Roman glass at the center of this pendant dates back over 2,000 years, back to the height of the Roman empire.  Among the incredible advances made by the Romans was mass production of glass for the first time, due to new techniques such as glassblowing.  This item, found in Israel is testament to this important period in history.


However, deciding to wear this pendant is about so much more than history.  It is in its own right a beautiful piece of Israeli jewelry.  The slice of Roman glass is framed by beautifully crafted and elaborate sterling silver.  The complex pattern swirls around the Roman glass and is every bit as eye-catching as the glass itself.  Held together with an equally intricate silver clasp, this pendant is bound to make an important accessory for any occasion.   

  • Size (cm): 45.89x24.28 mm. ,RD 16.47 mm.
  • Size (Inch): 18 x 9.5 inch