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  • A Modern Take on a Roman Glass & Silver Pendant
    A Modern Take on a Roman Glass & Silver Pendant

A Modern Take on a Roman Glass & Silver Pendant

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This Roman glass pendant cleverly fuses together the historical significance of the glass itself with a thoroughly modern design.  When combined, it forms a unique piece of attractive Israeli jewelry.

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Some people might think that there is a limit to how creative a pendant can be.  This incredible work of art goes to show that there is no limit to creativity.  At its very core, this pendant boasts a piece of Roman glass with deep historical significance.  Found in Israel, this particular piece of glass dates back over 2,000 years.  It was originally made as a result of new technologies in the Roman Empire.  Innovative techniques, such as glass blowing meant that glass became much more readily available.  This pendant is testament to that incredible development.    


However, this piece of Israeli jewelry is also an exceptional example of attractive modern design.  The whole piece relies on a solid sterling silver patterned frame, shaped as a rectangle.  This brings form and order to the pendant.  Hanging tantalizingly in the middle is an irregular piece of glass, making this a unique piece.