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  • Roman Glass & Silver Rounded to Perfection
    Roman Glass & Silver Rounded to Perfection

Roman Glass & Silver Rounded to Perfection

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Simple yet stylish.  This is a straightforward design, but behind the simplicity is an historical piece of Roman glass, which has been fashioned into an elegant pendant for all occasions. 

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This is a classy pendant in both concept and design.  If it’s elegance and grace that you are looking for, then this is a ‘must have’ item of Israeli jewelry.  The pendant is shaped around a 2,000 year-old shred of Roman glass found in Israel.  Left there by the Roman Empire at the height of its powers, this is a pendant of historical value.  Not only is it testament to the grandeur of the Romans, but it also marks their inventiveness.  It was after all the Romans who perfected techniques which allowed for the mass production of glass.


For an item of Roman glass jewelry with such a complex heritage, this is a remarkably straightforward design.  The circular glass is outlined by a sterling silver frame, which lends shape and form to the pendant.  Finished with a solid silver clasp, this will make a unique addition to your jewelry collection.      

  • Size (cm): 45.78x32.65 mm.,RD 25.41 mm.
  • Size (Inch): 1.8 x 1.3