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  • Stunning Square Roman Glass and Silver Pendant
    Stunning Square Roman Glass and Silver Pendant

Stunning Square Roman Glass and Silver Pendant

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This really is something a little different.  Although this is a departure from the classic pendant shape, it is an item of Jewish jewelry full of both quality and history.

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This is a thoroughly modern piece of Jewish jewelry, yet it is infused with deep historical significance.  The beautifully shaped Roman glass at the center of this pendant dates back over two thousand years and is a remnant of an incredible history of Roman innovation.  They were the first people to develop techniques such as glassblowing, which allowed for the mass production of glass.  Not only did the Romans use glass for storage purposes, but also for artistic decoration.  It is therefore particularly appropriate that this stunning pendant includes a relic of that era.  This particular piece of Roman glass was found in Israel, making this an even more meaningful item.  Of course, it is also a pendant of quite some beauty.  The unusual square shape is a modern touch on an antique concept.  Framed by a wonderfully fashioned sterling silver border, this is an outstanding example of Israeli jewelry .

  • Size (cm): 34.66x24.4 mm. ,SQ 18.35 mm
  • Size (Inch): 1.3 x 1 inch