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  • Subtle and outstanding Roman glass pendant
    Subtle and outstanding Roman glass pendant

Subtle and outstanding Roman glass pendant

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This is an understated piece, but there is no doubting the quality behind it.  This is a classy pendant, which beautifully combines elegance and history in one item of jewelry.

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If class and elegance are what you are looking for, without the need for a flamboyant design, then this is the perfect answer.  The design is basic and very straightforward.  A very simple oval shape is split into two equal halves.  Dominating the outer part of the pendant, in an effective and bold outline is a solid sterling silver frame.  This leaves the central diamond-shaped middle of the pendant, which is fashioned from historic Roman glass.  The glass itself is a shade of green and gives the impression of a gem.  This is a subtle piece of Israeli jewelry, which will be a suitable accessory for any formal occasion.  Yet, it is also fashioned from two exquisite materials, sterling silver and Roman glass. 

The Roman glass itself was found in Israel and dates back over two thousand years, to the Roman empire. It is therefore also a truly meaningful pendant.