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  • Superbly Fashioned Roman Glass Pendant
    Superbly Fashioned Roman Glass Pendant

Superbly Fashioned Roman Glass Pendant

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This is a pendant which cleverly displays style, ingenuity and elegance all in one fine item of Roman glass jewelry.  It is shaped perfectly and designed to catch the eye.

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This breathtaking piece of Roman glass jewelry will make an elegant addition to any collection.  At the center of this pendant is a beautifully crafted slice of Roman glass.  It has been shaped so that the edges are smoothed to give the impression of a rounded 3D rectangle.  With the greenish glass itself shimmering in the light, this pendant immediately catches the eye.  Just as impressive though is the silver sterling which surrounds the glass.  It has been forged into spirals and swirls to fill in the gaps around the edges of the glass when it bends inwards.  Just as intricate is the silver clasp, which holds this pendant to your chosen item of clothing.     


The beauty of this pendant is matched only by the illustrious history that it represents.  Dating back over 2,000 years, this piece of Roman glass was found in Israel, once ruled by the Roman empire.

  • Size (cm): 38.52x27.6 mm. ,FREE SHAPE 19.85x20.31 mm.
  • Size (Inch): 1.5 x 1 inch