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  • A Triple Drop Roman Glass and Silver Pendant
    A Triple Drop Roman Glass and Silver Pendant

A Triple Drop Roman Glass and Silver Pendant

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This is a pendant with both a unique history and an equally intriguing design.  Purchase and enjoy what will surely be a special pendant to add to your jewelry collection.

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If you are looking to combine the modernity of Israel with the rich history of the land, then this is the item of Israeli jewelry for you.  This is a thoroughly modern design.  A straightforward sterling silver clasp leads directly to three drops of glass, which decrease in size.  Each drop is framed by solid sterling silver to give a bold feel to this pendant.  The design is modern in its utter simplicity and yet there is also an elegance to this pendant, which is difficult to replicate.


In addition though, this is also an evocative, historic piece of Roman glass jewelry.  Dating back around 2,000 years, the glass at the center of this item was found in Israel as a remnant of the vast Roman Empire which used to rule there.  Incredibly, the Romans turned glass into a mass production industry.  Now, this pendant stands as a beautiful reminder.      

  • Size (cm): 45.81x15.84 mm.,OV 13.77x9.93,OV 12.31x8.82,OV 8.68x7.05 mm
  • Size (Inch): 1.8 x 0.6 inch