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  • Silver and Gold Ring Engraved with Shema Israel
    Silver and Gold Ring Engraved with Shema Israel

Silver and Gold Ring Engraved with Shema Israel


The Shema Israel is engraved around the flat band of this silver ring bordered with gold. By Emunah Jewelry.

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This simple wide ring from Israeli jewelry designers Emunah Jewelry allows you to keep the Shema Israel at your fingertips (almost).

The Shema Israel prayer is engraved in Hebrew letters around the ring's raised central band. The eges of the ring are finished in gold.

A minimalist, modern look combined with a traditional Hebrew font give this ring a very contemporary character.

Jewish jewelry makes a wonderful keepsake or souvenir, and of course an excellent gift. Emunah's versions of traditional Jewish jewelry motifs are eye-catching and unique.

Emunah Jewelry designs and produces all the pieces in its collection in a studio on Moshav Shoeva in the foothills of Jerusalem.

Emunah strives to create jewelry that features original design and fine craftsmanship. Motifs focus on Jewish themes.

All of Emunah's jewelry uses the best materials available - 925 sterling silver, 9/14/18 karat gold, pewter, and precious and semiprecious stones. Each piece is stamped with the company's ID to ensure quality and prevent imitations. All Emunah jewelry comes with a warrantee.