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  • Silver Earrings with Plated Gold and Opal Stone by Idit
    Silver Earrings with Plated Gold and Opal Stone by Idit

Silver Earrings with Plated Gold and Opal Stone by Idit

No Longer Available

These gorgeous earrings are a sight to behold. Made up of a big outer circle of silver, a smaller circle of plated gold and an opal in the center, each earring is dangling from a silver line leading up to the attaching post of the earring. A delightful display of Israeli jewelry, this intricate piece of Idit jewelry is a sure winner, and a special gift for a loved one.

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MSRP: $119.95
Sale price: $79.95

Expressing your love to that special someone has never been easier. Designed exquisitely to please, these earrings are the perfect gift for any occasion, be it an anniversary, a birthday or just to say “I love you”. You could make no better choice than picking a stunning piece of Israeli jewelry as a great way to show your affection.

Beautifully crafted, this pair of earrings is made of silver and 24 karat plated gold and displays a gorgeous opal in its center. The large silver circle is slightly curved around the edges and the light gleaming off it makes the pendants look like they’re dancing when moving. The artistic plated gold jewelry making up the smaller center circle has the same effect, giving the earrings a captivating quality. Completing the effect, the ocean blue-green opal shines with radiance and beauty in the center of the circles.

Measuring 4cm (1"6/10") in length, the earrings are a perfect dangling length, and the silver and gold make them lightweight pendants and easy on the ears. Attached by post to the ear, the silver is held by a fine silver line. The circles measure 2.0cm (8/10") in diameter.

Idit Jewelry is known for its intricate and delicate designed pieces of jewelry of all kinds, and is made of real gold and silver, making it high quality art. Made in Israel, its uniqueness doesn’t go unnoticed, and these earrings are no exception. They will be received with happiness and gratitude by the one you love, and you will be praised for such a great choice.