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  • Silver Gold-Plated Disc Earrings with Stone Center by Idit Jewelry
    Silver Gold-Plated Disc Earrings with Stone Center by Idit Jewelry

Silver Gold-Plated Disc Earrings with Stone Center by Idit Jewelry

No Longer Available

This beautiful pair of gold-silver-garnet earrings is a perfect gift for any occasion. Available either with an opal or a garnet stone accent.

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MSRP: $142.50
Sale price: $95.00

Wouldn't you just love to find the perfect pair of earrings for someone special and close to your heart? If the intended recipient of your gift likes beautiful gold and silver jewelry, you’ve come to the right place! This remarkable pair of earrings is the perfect complement to any gold jewelry, silver jewelry or garnet jewelry collection.


This amazing work of art is sure to delight anyone who loves gorgeous jewelry. These earrings feature a classy, elaborate design. Made of silver, these earrings are plated with 24k gold, and designed to maximize the spectacular effect of blending the silver and gold. These dazzling post earrings are made of silver coated with 24k gold, and feature a large, grandiose garnet in the middle. Viewed from the side, the garnet is showcased by a spectacular blend of silver and gold surrounding it in elaborately designed circles.


Sitting proudly in the middle of each earring can be either a large garnet or sparkly opal stone, surrounded by a thin circle of silver. Next comes a wider circle of gold, and as a finishing touch, a breathtaking layer of blended gold and silver completes the intricate, original design.


These post earrings measure 1.6cm (6/10 inch) in diameter, and come with the option of featuring an opal rather than a garnet.+No matter the occasion, whether it’s a graduation, birthday, mother’s day, or just a day on which you want to express you appreciation for someone very special, this elaborate set of gold-silver earrings are the perfect gift. These earrings are an exceptional addition to any jewelry box, or collection of gold jewelry, silver jewelry or garnet jewelry. Order today and rest assured that you will make someone close to your heart very, very happy.