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  • Silver & Gold Rotating Eshet Chayil Pendant Necklace - Meir Avni
    Silver & Gold Rotating Eshet Chayil Pendant Necklace - Meir Avni

Silver & Gold Rotating Eshet Chayil Pendant Necklace - Meir Avni

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Unique silver pendant has a rotating upper surface that is carved with the beginning phrase from the prayer ''Eshet Chayil'' [A woman of Valor]. Gold rope design covers the center cylinder.

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This piece of Jewish jewelry is a pendant necklace with a phrase from the hymn Woman of Valor (Eshet Chayil) from the book Proverbs (Mishlei).+It is a combination of gold and silver jewelry, the two separate rings contrasting each other nicely. The gold jewelry forming the inner circle is in the form on entwined rope, while the larger outer layer is made of silver and consists of the words: Woman of Valor, what a rarity it is to find from King Solomon’s second book Proverbs. This beautiful piece of Judaica jewelry is made by Meir Avni, a talented Israeli artist. The pendant necklace comes on a chain in a quaint little gift box.+The most prominent and interesting feature of this necklace is the rotation quality of the silver circle, that reminds one of the circle of life. The silver circle represents the fact that the cycle of life will always continue. The Jewish prayer which is engraved on the silver surface is traditionally sung on Friday night before the Sabbath meal, in deference to the strong women of the house. This romantic prayer is also sung by the groom to his new bride at a Jewish wedding, making it a memoriable occurrence. The song goes by the Hebrew alphabet, enhancing each letter to praise the Jewish woman.+This stunning necklace is a wonderful way of showing the women you love how much they mean to you, and a great gift for any occasion.