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Silver Necklace & Bracelet Set, Crystals Set in Flowers

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A simple design of raised flowers with a small Swarovski crystal center decorates the hammered silver plate tiles on this necklace and bracelet.

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This silver necklace and coordinating silver bracelet by Israeli jewelry designers Anava Jewelry combine the modern, casual elegance of hammered silver plate with the sparkle of Swarovski crystal.

The short necklace features five oblong tiles, handcrafted in an irregular rectangular shape with rounded corners. The center tile, which hangs at the base of the simple link chain necklace, is larger than the two tiles surrounding it on either side. Each tile is embellished with a simple raised flower, and the middle of each flower is set with a single brown crystal from Swarovski. Warm dark amber tones from the crystals against the cool silver make a striking combination. The necklace measures 17.7 inch (45 cm).

The silver bracelet takes the design motifs in the necklace and adds some complexity. Five linked tiles in two styles make this an eye-catching piece. The first, third, and fifth tiles are rectangular and feature two rows of carved twist around the edge. A raised flower set with a dark amber crystal echoes the flower theme of the set's silver necklace. The second and fourth tiles are rounded, four-sided free-form shapes. These smaller tiles are embellished with a raise scroll design set with a brown Swarovski crystal slightly bigger than the ones that decorate the raised flower. Arch-shaped links attached to the sides of the bracelet's tiles are joined by simple round silver links. The bracelet, which measures 8.3' (21 cm) by.7 inch (1.8 cm), fastens by threading a simple T-bar through a large round loop.

Designed as a set, this silver necklace and silver bracelet can of course be worn separately. But whether worn together or on their own, these special examples of modern Israeli jewelry design will appeal to anyone with an eye for striking, unusual jewelry.

Anava Jewelry's fine handcrafted pieces can be worn at any age and dressed up or down to take the wearer from day to night. Lovers of handmade jewelry and contemporary jewelry design will love this silver and crystal set!

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  • Size (cm): 45 cm chain / 21 x 1.8 cm Bracelet
  • Size (Inch): 17.7 Inch chain / 8.3 x .7 Inch bracelet