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  • Silver Sparkler Blue-Green Enamel Earrings - Idit Jewelry
    Silver Sparkler Blue-Green Enamel Earrings - Idit Jewelry

Silver Sparkler Blue-Green Enamel Earrings - Idit Jewelry

No Longer Available

These stunning earrings are made of silver and painted with blue-green enamel, giving them a gorgeous ocean colored tint. Shaped as rectangles, the bottom is a whirl of moving silver lines that swish as you walk. The exquisite pair of Idit Jewelry silver earrings is the perfect gift for any occasion to the one you love.

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MSRP: $52.45
Sale price: $34.95

Finding a beautiful piece of jewelry is hard, but the good news is – you’ve succeeded! Idit Jewelry, one of the very best Israeli jewelry designers around, has designed the perfect pair of earrings for someone very close to your heart.

Each silver earring is comprised of a blue-green enamel rectangle, measuring 2.5cm x 0.7 cm (1"x3/10") with curved edges. A small silver hoop at the top of each earring is connected by a large “branch” of silver to one’s ear. From the bottom of each earring, no fewer than five silver branches dangle, featuring small silver balls at the ends, to complete the earrings’ intricate design.

The effect of the dazzling enamel is utilized to perfection, teaming with the shiny silver to create a remarkable effect of color, shape and motion as the silver branches dangle and swish. These fantastic earrings are a great addition to any jewelry box or silver jewelry collection – cool enough to wear in casual setting, yet stylish enough to wear to more formal events.

Whether the message you’d like to send is “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Anniversary”, “Congrats” or simply “I love you” – these silver enamel earrings are the perfect way to express it. Much thought, care and effort has been put into making these earrings a unique item, and the lucky recipient is sure to be thrilled by the result.