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  • Kabbalah ''Winner'', Jewish Ring with Zirconia
    Kabbalah ''Winner'', Jewish Ring with Zirconia

Sterling Silver and Coral Kabbalah ''Winner'', Jewish Ring

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Channel Kabbalah energy and give yourself an edge with this sterling silver and coral Kabbalah ring intended to enhance performance




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Give yourself a competitive edge with this 'winner' Kabbalah ring in sterling silver and coral with raised Kabbalistic symbols.

Two smooth round polished corals set on the silver band at either side of the flat, round face of this Kabbalah ring harness the strength and energy attributed to the color red.

The face of the ring features raised carving in polished silver on an oxidized silver background. Asmooth raised silver border follows the outer edge of the ring face. Inside the raised ring are carved two groups of Kabbalistic symbols – letters in the ancient Hebrew alphabet – around a larger Kabbalah symbol.

The large symbol consists of a long central stalk or shaft with a straight bar capping one end. Below the bar is a protruding spherical bulb, which also appears at the opposite end of the central stalk. Two sets of crossbars bisect the main section – one with arms extended straight out, and one with each arm angled downward at a 45 degree angle.

In addition to symbolizing strength and power, red protects people from the Evil Eye (Ayin Hara in Hebrew) - a very powerful negative force. Kabbalah warns that one should never underestimate the negative influence of the Evil Eye. People need to take steps to combat it. Anyone who fails to protect themselves will eventually become a victim.

Kabbalah jewelry and amulets are known for their abilities to bring their wearers protection, success, good luck, security, wealth, and health. Each piece has its own unique mystical powers and special meaning, allowing you to select the one that best meets the needs of the wearer. 'Kabbala' literally translates to 'receiving' and refers to receiving the hidden mystical truths behind Jewish thought and Jewish traditions.