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  • Sterling Silver Kabbalah Ana BeKoach Eye Ring
    Sterling Silver Kabbalah Ana BeKoach Eye Ring

Sterling Silver Kabbalah Ana BeKoach Eye Ring

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Jewish prayer for strength - Ana BeKoach - is embossed on this sterling silver band ring in raised modern Hebrew letters. Good luck eye is carved between the words.

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Pray for strength and keep the Evil Eye away with this Kabbalistic Jewish prayer that dates back two millennia.

The Ana BeKoach (Ana BeCoach or Ana B'Koach) prayer was written in the 1st century CE by Rabbi Nehonia, a great Kabbalist. The prayer is based on the 70 names of G-d and comprises seven lines. Each lines contain six words. The first letter of each word combine to create the 42-letter name, which is also concealed in the first 42 letters of Genesis – from Bereshit ('in the beginning') to Vavohoo ('without form, and void').

The Ana BeKoach prayer can be found in the Shaharit and Mincha prayers, and in the Shabbat prayer before Lecha Dodi. This sterling silver ring features the first two words, 'Ana BeKoach,' in raised polished sterling silver letters on a dark oxidized silver background. The letters are in a modern Hebrew print style. The edges of the simple band ring are raised polished silver. A single open eye – a popular symbol deemed to keep the Evil Eye away and widely used in Oriental cultures - is embossed between the words 'Ana' and 'BeKoach.'

The ring is adjustable.

Kabbalah jewelry and amulets are known for their abilities to bring protection, success, good luck, security, wealth, and health to their wearers. Each piece has its own unique mystical powers and special meaning, allowing you to select the one that best meets the needs of the wearer.Wear this ring yourself, or give it as a gift. Jewish jewelry always makes a wonderful and fitting present, and with the wide interest in Kabbalah and Kabbalah jewelry, nothing could be better for a loved one than a piece of handcrafted Kabbalah jewelry that will offer protection as well as decoration.