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  • Sterling Silver Scorpion Kabbalah for Recovery, Jewish Rings
    Sterling Silver Scorpion Kabbalah for Recovery, Jewish Rings

Sterling Silver Scorpion Kabbalah for Recovery, Jewish Rings

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This sterling silver Kabbalah ring features a carved scorpion to help strengthen the body and soul, prevent illness, and promote recovery from sickness

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Harness the strength of the scorpion with this sterling silver Kabbalah ring from Dan Designs and keep illness away.

In Kabbalah, the scorpion is seen as a sign of strength, as it has defensive mechanisms that allow it to survive in dangerous, inhospitable desert conditions as well as weapons to use against any threat.

Wear the scorpion on your finger, and protect yourself against illness or help speed up a recovery.+The scorpion is embossed in raised polished sterling silver on the round oxidized silver face of the ring. Two sets of three Kabbalistic symbols – ancient Hebrew letters – are embossed in polished silver on either side of the scorpion's legs.

The entire design is encircled by a raised ring of polished sterling silver. The ring is adjustable, appropriate for either men or women, and features two dark polished stones set in the ring's silver band, at either side of the face.

Kabbalah jewelry and amulets are known for their abilities to bring protection, success, good luck, security, wealth, and health to their wearers. Each piece has its own unique mystical powers and special meaning, allowing you to select the one that best meets the needs of the wearer.

Wear this ring yourself, or give it as a gift. Jewish jewelry always makes a wonderful and fitting present, and with the wide interest in Kabbalah and Kabbalah jewelry, nothing could be better for a loved one than a piece of handcrafted Kabbalah jewelry that will offer protection as well as decoration.