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  • Hamsa Bracelet  - Silver Plated
    Hamsa Bracelet  - Silver Plated
  • Hamsa Bracelet  - Gold Plated
    Hamsa Bracelet  - Gold Plated

Silk Red String Hamsa Bracelet with a Beaded Chain

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The popular Kabbalah Red String bracelet is enhanced by a beaded chain that wraps around the red silk string of the bracelet. Sterling Silverplate or 14k Goldplate Hamsa Pendant hangs from the matching clasp to finish this piece of Kabbalah Jewelry from Mizze jewelers.

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The Hand of God, as the Hamsa hand Kabbalah pendant is also called, is a good luck charm dating back to ancient Middle East religions who believed that wearing this amulet brought the wearer happiness, peace, and prosperity. Mizze Israeli Jewelry,  created a line of Lucky charm pieces for their Kabbalah Jewelry, of which this variation on the popular Kabbalah red string bracelet is a part.

In addition to the red silk string, a beaded chain twists around the wrist to form the bracelet that ends in either a Sterling silverplate or 14k Goldplate clasp. A coordinating small Hamsa charm pendant also hangs from this clasp and has a clear Swarovski in its palm to aid in its powers to ward off the evil eye.

The Hamsa bracelet comes in the standard 7 inch length, a longer 8 inch length and a small child-sized 6 inch version.