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  • Modern Challah Board Wood and Pewter
    Modern Challah Board Wood and Pewter

Challah Board Dark Brown Wood with Silver Plaque


The beauty and light of Shabbat reflect off of the silver center of this gorgeous Challah board, and the deep beauty and calm of the day come out of the dark brown wood, together creating the most wonderful Challah board you’ll ever lay eyes on.

Process Time (business days): 3
SKU : 17117
MSRP: $99.95
Sale price: $69.95

Shabbat is the most special time of the week by far, and The Shabbat table is the most special part of Shabbat, the delicious foods and wine, sitting around the table with your family and friends, with the beautiful glow of both the candles and of Shabbat itself. The Kiddush is poured, blessed and drunk, the Shabbat songs are sung, and then come out from beneath the Challah cover two golden loaves of wonderfully braided, sweet and fluffy Challah, the ultimate Jewish bread, perhaps the ultimate Jewish food. And you say the blessing, Hamotzi Lechem min haaretz (taking out leaven from the ground), and cut a piece for each person on your Challah board, and enjoy that Challah all together. And what better Challah board than this one, with dark dark wood complemented by the middle of silver with gorgeous Shabbat themed decorations.

  • Size (cm): 38 x 24
  • Size (Inch): 15 x 10