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  • Modern Challah Board Wood and Pewter
    Modern Challah Board Wood and Pewter

Modern Challah Board Wood and Pewter


This stylish challah board will undeniably make your Shabbat table shine with classic jewish art, and reflect the deep beauty of Shabbat. The dark colored wood and the pewter center come together into an image of challah with the words for the blessing over bread.

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MSRP: $99.95
Sale price: $69.95

This wood and pewter Challah Board captures the essence of the restful and low key Shabbat to a tee, so if that is the type of Shabbat you celebrate and love, this is certainly the Challah tray that will align your expectations of Shabbat with your Shabbat decor. This will act as a downplayed centerpiece of your Shabbat table and balance out the rest of what's going on at the Shabbat table to make it all harmonize and become that sought after restful and peaceful Shabbat Spirit. Made of a dark wood and pewter center, the perfect design in the pewter features a set of Challah loaves and underneath them is their special blessing, Hamotzi Lechem Min Haaretz, to bring forth leaven from the ground. On either side there are Shabbat candles in tall candlesticks to set the mood, and a background of geometrical design, together forming the perfect simple classic Challah board.

  • Size (cm): 38 x 23
  • Size (Inch): 15 x 9