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  • Oval Challah Board Polished Wood and Pewter
    Oval Challah Board Polished Wood and Pewter

Oval Challah Board Polished Wood and Pewter


Gorgeous and creatively stylish, this Challah board is a unique oval shape and the combination of oval wood and pewter designed center create a truly special Shabbat table experience. The decorations on the centerpiece are part of the words of Kiddush and the image of Challah and kiddush and shabbat candles. With matching challah knife.

Process Time (business days): 3
SKU : 17119
MSRP: $119.95
Sale price: $99.95

Certainly the centerpiece of any beautiful Shabbat table, this Challah Board truly has that special Shabbat glow captured in its decorations, and has a lot of thought and ingenuity put into the design. Made with a deep dark wood, with glass elements and a pewter center, the colors all work together an create a perfectly charming Challah board with the rich essence of Shabbat in it. And not only that, but it has its own special Challah knife, tucked into a slot on the side of the Challah board. The oval shape matches the roundness of the other things typically found on a Shabbat table, and the design of the pewter part the decorations, is perfect beyond belief, incorporating part of Kiddush on top, and the image of Challah and Kiddush cup and Shabbat candles around the Challah, perfectly showing the importance of the Challah at the Shabbat table, the most important part of the week.

  • Size (cm): 32 x 44
  • Size (Inch): 12.6 x 17.4