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  • Large Pewter 7 Branch Menorah with Jerusalem Base
    Large Pewter 7 Branch Menorah with Jerusalem Base

Large Pewter 7 Branch Menorah with Jerusalem Base

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A stunning candelabra in the style of the Temple menorah, this seven-branched menorah is decorated with embossed images of Jerusalem, reminding its owner of the Holy Land with its historic beauty. It stands 28 centimeters tall, and is made of shiny pewter.

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This large and majestic Judaica menorah candelabra stands on a four tiered base stamped with images of the quaint, ancient architecture of Jerusalem, Israel’s famed Old City.  Made of pewter, this seven branched menorah is twenty eight centimeters (28 cm) tall, and is designed in the style of the original menorah that once stood inside the Beis HaMikdash, the Holy Temple.  Unlike the eight-branched Hanukkah menorahs commonly found in Judaica stores in the wintertime, this menorah has only six branches.  A charming replica of the original menorah, this item is a beautiful work of art for the Jewish home or synagogue.
Made of pure, solid gold, the first-ever menorah from the Bible originally stood in the Tabernacle used by the Jews for forty years of wandering the desert following the Exodus from Egypt; it was later used in the Holy Temples, the first of which was built during the reign of King Solomon of the Davidic dynasty.

  • Size (cm): 28
  • Size (Inch): 11