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  • Pewter 7 Branch Menorah with Jerusalem Base
    Pewter 7 Branch Menorah with Jerusalem Base

Pewter Seven Branch Menorah with Jerusalem Base

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Made of pewter, this eighteen centimeter tall Menora with seven branches is a beautiful work of Judaica art. Its tiered base and seven branches are elegantly engraved with images of the Old City, reminding its owner of every Jew’s true home.

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Standing eighteen centimeters in height, this pewter Jerusalem menorah is an artistic and beautiful rendition of the original candelabra which stood in the Holy Temple (Beit HaMikdash) in ancient Israel several thousand years ago.  Its base and branches are distinctly engraved with images of Jerusalem’s quaint hodgepodge of rooftops, ranging from tall to short, rounded and flat, which have remained throughout the millennia.  Unlike the eight-branched menorah which Jews use during the Chanuka holiday, this seven-branched menorah is a decorative item in the style of an ancient and holy artifact.
The Menorah which stood in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem during the reign of King Solomon and the following Davidic dynasty was formed from pure gold, and kindled with the finest and purest olive oil possible in those times.  Although there is no longer a Temple for the Jews in the Holy Land, this unique Judaica menorah remains a symbol of national and religious pride.

  • Size (cm): 18
  • Size (Inch): 7