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  • Silver Plated 7 Branch Menorah with Jerusalem Base
    Silver Plated 7 Branch Menorah with Jerusalem Base

Silver Plated Seven Branch Menorah with Jerusalem Base

No Longer Available

An elegant, angular menorah candelabra with seven branches, in the style of the Holy Temple Menorah. The base, as well as the holders of each branch, are engraved with small motifs of Jerusalemite architecture, reminiscent of the city where the Temple and its menorah once stood.

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Elegant and angular in its design, this silver plated, seven branched Menorah candelabra is a beautiful Judaica item reminiscent of the Holy Temple’s menorah from thousands of years ago.  Unlike the “hanukiyyah,” an eight-branched candelabra that is used for the eight nights of the Chanuka holiday, this menorah has only six branches extending from the central base.  This menorah’s geometric base and candlesticks come engraved with images of the Old City of Jerusalem, where the original Temple Menorah once stood.
The Temple Menorah was a special, pure gold candelabra that was used at first in the Tabernacle (the Mishkan) during the Jews’ travels in the desert following the Exodus from Egypt, and eventually continued its service in the Beit HaMikdash (the Holy Temple).  Today, this special menorah remains a well-known. symbol of the modern Jewish nation and the Israeli state.

  • Size (cm): 18
  • Size (Inch): 7