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  • Basic Kosher Israeli Lulav & Etrog Set
    Basic Kosher Israeli Lulav & Etrog Set

Basic Kosher Israeli Lulav & Etrog Set

Delivery in USA ONLY, within the week before sukkot

Let us help you get ready for Sukkot. You can fulfill each commandment correctly! Here is the Arbah Minimm, the four species, that are waved on the Sukkot holiday.

Process Time (business days): 3
SKU : 13669
MSRP: $59.95
Sale price: $53.95

What do you get :+Our Four Species sets include the Etrog, Lulav, 3 Hadassim and 2 Aravot with the traditional Lulav holder and a plastic Lulav Bag.Each of the items is separately packed for optimal storage until use.

  • Free easy-to-follow English instructions and explanations for storage and usage are included in every order.
  • All our Etrogim are certified kosher by the CRC (Hisachdus Harabonim) or by the Badatz Eida HaChareidit of Jerusalem.
  • With partner warehouses in New York and Los Angeles we can assure you that your order will arrive on time and fresh for the Sukkot holiday

Orders using standard shipping must be placed by August 25th 2010, 12:00pm EST in order to arrive in time for the Sukkot holiday
All Esrog orders are professionally packed in foam to virtually eliminate damage during shipment. All orders are accompanied by printed English language educational information and usage instructions for the Arba Minim.
NOTE: All Etrogim and Lulavim are grown and imported from Israel. The hadassim and aravot(myrtle and willow) are shipped in vacuum-packed plastic in order to preserve the plants. Do not open until you are ready to use the Etrog and Lulav. Keep the Etrog in the shipping box, keep the Lulav in the plastic bag and place the Hadassim and Aravot in a cool place, or in your refrigerator.+What are the Four Species+The Four Species (Hebrew: ארבעת המינים‎, also called Arba Minim) are three types of branches and one type of fruit which are held together and waved in a special ceremony during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. The waving of the Four Species is a mitzvah from the Torah, which is performed every day of Sukkot except for Shabbat, either at home or in the Synagogue.+The Four Species are:

  • Lulav (לולב) – a ripe, green, closed frond from a date palm tree
  • Hadass (הדס) – boughs with leaves from the myrtle tree
  • Aravah (ערבה) – branches with leaves from the willow tree
  • Etrog (אתרוג) – the fruit of a citron tree

How to buy the Four Species+levels of perfection+All Etrog sets are carefully inspected to insure they are kosher. Like diamonds, Etrogim sets come in different price ranges reflecting the difference in perfection. It is considered appropriate to buy as good a set as you can afford.+Other members of the family+If you can afford it, it is also appropriate to buy a set for any other member of the family who wishes to have a set of their own.+The Basic Set+When you buy this basic set you are getting a set with the Etrog, Lulav, Hadassim and Aravot which allows you to fulfill the Mitzvah of the Four Species.