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  • Crystal 5 branch Elegant Candelabra with Jerusalem
    Crystal 5 branch Elegant Candelabra with Jerusalem

Crystal 5 branch Elegant Candelabra with Jerusalem

New Arrival

Light up your home or office with these elegant crystal candlesticks. Its five branches are sure to illuminate your space brilliantly. The beautiful, artistic representation of Jerusalem along the base will be sure to remind all who gaze upon it of the 3000 year history of this ancient holy city.

Process Time (business days): 3
SKU : 16981
MSRP: $180.95
Sale price: $134.95

More beautiful and illuminating that a single pair of candlesticks, this elegant 5-branch candelabra features a handsome black motif of the city of Jerusalem on the stem. Standard Shabbos candles will fit, as will taper candles, certain to illuminate your gatherings for years to come,
A stylized motif of the buildings and walls of the 3000 year old city of Jerusalem are silhouetted on the stem. Jerusalem can be taken to mean either “complete awe” or “city of peace”. It is the holiest place in the world to Jews, and to all subsequent Abrahamic faiths. It is the site where Abraham went to sacrifice his son Isaac. It is the site of the two great temples spoken of in the Bible. It is a city of struggle with religion, and it brings together people from all faiths all over the world.
This stylish crystal candelabra with cast a cheery, warm light throughout your space. When crafting this 5-branched beauty, our skilled artisans worked to bring thousands of years of history into a single piece of judaica art. We invite you to bring it into your home to invoke everything the light and the holy city of Jerusalem represent to this ancient people, and to you.

  • Size (cm): 30
  • Size (Inch): 11.8