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  • Crystal Candlesticks with Shabbat Kodesh Plate
    Crystal Candlesticks with Shabbat Kodesh Plate

Crystal Candlesticks with Shabbat Kodesh Plate

No Longer Available

A gorgeous pair of fine crystal candlesticks, standing fourteen centimeters in height. Designed for use on the Shabbat holiday, these candlesticks, angular and geometric in design, are decorated with a silver-colored plate containing the calligraphic Hebrew words “Shabbat Kodesh,” meaning “Holy Sabbath.”

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Tall, angular, and geometric in design, these fine crystal shabbat candlesticks stand fourteen centimetres tall and are perfect for enjoyment during the Shabbos holiday, the Jewish  Day of Rest.  Designed especially for use on Shabbos, the stem is adorned with a decorative silver colored metal plate, containing the Hebrew words in a calligraphic font, “Shabbos Kodesh,” which translates to “Holy Sabbath.”  This set of Judaica candlesticks is the perfect judaica gift for a variety of festive occasions (e.g. bat mitzvahs, weddings) and is sure to beautify any Jewish home.
Candle-lighting is a mitzvah (commandment from G-d) that has been observed by Jewish families for centuries.  A ritual that signifies the start of Jewish holidays throughout the year (e.g. the weekly Sabbath and annual Yomim Tovim like Passover and Shavuot), a pair of candles in a designated, often ornamental set of candlesticks or candelabra is lit at nightfall.  The person lighting (typically the “ba’alas habayis” / “mistress of the household”) recites a short blessing acknowledging the Almighty’s command, and attesting to the holiness of the festival.

  • Size (cm): 12
  • Size (Inch): 4.7