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  • Crystal Candlesticks with Silver Chips Center
    Crystal Candlesticks with Silver Chips Center

Crystal Candlesticks with Silver Chips Center

No Longer Available

Subtly beautiful and minimalistic in their design, this pair of crystal Judaica candlesticks combine contemporary art with timeless tradition. The holder and base are symmetrical bowls, separated by a slender stem that’s filled with dainty silver chips. Perfect for use on Shabbat and other Jewish holidays.

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Some Shabbos / Shabbat candlesticks are decorated boldly, with bright colors, patterns, and designs. This pair, however, is stunning and beautiful while simplistic in its design. Combining contemporary minimalism with enduring Jewish tradition, this pair of crystal candlesticks is simple but elegant. The stem is decorated subtly with silver flecks, and topped with a smooth, bowl-like holder. Perfect Judaica for use on Jewish holidays throughout the year.
For eons, observant Jewish families have invited the light of the Shabbat and Yom Tov holidays into their homes by lighting a pair of candles on the eve of the festival, just before nightfall. The blessing that many recite over the candles is as follows: “Blessed are You, L-RD, our G-d, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to light Shabbat candle[s].” This ritual is usually done by women, but in a woman’s absence, a man may light.

  • Size (cm): 16
  • Size (Inch): 6.2