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  • Jerusalem  with Gold Domes Star of David Candlesticks
    Jerusalem  with Gold Domes Star of David Candlesticks

Jerusalem Old City Star of David Candlesticks


Elegant silver candlesticks with a candle stand in the shape of the Star of David and Jerusalem old city decorations. The candle holders and stand make it perfect for placing on a Shabbat table.

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MSRP: $62.95
Sale price: $44.95

This wonderful piece of Judaica has two silver Shabbat candlesticks with a Magen David design. The candleholders are bordered with decorations of Jewish synagogues with rounded rooftops. They are attached to a beautiful star design that signifies powerful Judaic symbolism in a unique and artistic style. The base of the candle stick stand is masterfully crafted and edged with Jerusalem style buildings along its boarders.
Lighting of Shabbat candles is a meaningful way to usher in the Jewish Sabbath before sunset on a Friday. This a great gift to give new couples as candle lighting is traditionally done by the woman of the house hold before she recites a blessing. The Magen David (Star of David) Design of the piece represents a strong identification with Judaism and Israel.