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  • Pomegranates Doves on Branch Candle Holder
    Pomegranates Doves on Branch Candle Holder

Pomegranates Doves on Branch Candle Holder

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This Pomegranate and Dove Shabbat candlestick holder is a simple and elegant setting for your Shabbat candlesticks each week, providing beautiful detail and significance that looks great inside your own home, or as a gift for a special occasion.

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Bring an added measure of calm and peace to your Judaica items and weekly Shabbat candle lighting with this gorgeous Pomegranate and Dove Shabbat candlestick holder. A wall forms the centerpiece, with doves and pomegranate branches displayed throughout, and all topped off with gold-accented pomegranates on both the center and candle holders themselves.
One of the most important Judaica items for a home to have, Shabbat candles in special shabbat candlesticks are lit each Friday evening just before the sun sets to bring in the Sabbath. This action is a rabbinical law, and is intended to both honor the Sabbath and also bring peace to the home during it. The lighting is handled by the woman of the home. After the candles are lit, the woman covers her eyes and speaks a special blessing for the home. While this duty is reserved for a woman, a man may take her place if there is no woman present.

  • Size (cm): 15
  • Size (Inch): 5.9