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  • Tapered Crystal Shabbat Candlesticks with Ball
    Tapered Crystal Shabbat Candlesticks with Ball

Tapered Crystal Shabbat Candlesticks with Ball

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These tapered crystal candlesticks for Shabbat and Yom Tov are a modern, artsy take on traditional Judaica items, bringing art and tradition together without sacrifice. With its angular design and spherical embellishments, these crystal candlesticks are bound to beautify the candle-lighting mitzvah.

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An artsy and contemporary variant on a traditional Judaica item, these tapered crystal candlesticks bring art and tradition harmoniously together without sacrificing one factor in favor of the other. The distinct hourglass shape of these fine, textured crystal candlesticks, with the embellishment of a spherical orb, gives these candlesticks a particularly unique touch. Sturdy and elegant in their design, these candlesticks are bound to bring light and beauty to your already wonderful Jewish observance.
For eons, all around the world, Jewish people have celebrated the Sabbath as a day of rest as commanded by G-d. The Sabbath parallels the account of G-d’s creation of the world in the Book of Genesis. The world was created in six days, and on the seventh, G-d rested. Today, Jews rest from the mundane tasks and stresses of the working week - it’s a wonderful time to strengthen one’s connection with their family and the Creator over festive meals, prayer, and song.

  • Size (cm): 16
  • Size (Inch): 6.2