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  • Vintage White Wood Challah Board and Knife
    Vintage White Wood Challah Board and Knife

Vintage White Wood Challah Board and Knife


This vintage style White wood and glass cover Challah board is the perfect centerpiece for the shabbat table of the family with a classic sort of style. With a beautiful shabbat table design in the middle and a matching white wood challah knife, this set is sure to up the style of your Shabbat table.

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A slight twist of the vintage style to spice up your Challah board game is a great way to change up your Shabbat table for the better and make it a more unique and interesting place.
This white wood Challah tray is decorated beautifully with a shiny Shabbat scene, complete with Challot, Kiddush, and Shabbat candles in beautiful tall candlesticks. Under the scene are the words ‘Zachor et yom haShabbat liKodsho’ (Remember the day of Shabbat in its holiness) and above the scene are the words ‘Lichvod Shabbat Kodesh’ (in honor of holy Shabbat). Above the words, embedded in a special depression in the wood, sits a matching white Challah knife, engraved with the words ‘Lichvod Shabbat’ and perfectly completing the perfect Challah Board to be your Shabbat table’s beautiful centerpiece.  After all, what could possibly match this style? And surely such an important part of Shabbat deserves the best.

  • Size (cm): 40 x 32
  • Size (Inch): 15.7 x 12.6